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The Photographer’s Guide to Hand Poses

I hear most during any portrait photography session is about hand poses. And it’s usually accompanied by a nervous laugh. What do you do with your hands in a picture? Hand poses can make or break what’s otherwise a great portrait. Getting those hand poses right can be tricky to do and tough …

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Secrets for Night Street Photography

There’s something about street photography that’s exciting. It’s the appeal of capturing that right moment. When you combine that with the mystery of night time photography, it’s no wonder night street photography is so popular. But this is also one of the more types of photography to get right. The reason for that is …

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Tips for Making Natural Light Portraits

Natural light portraits are honestly one of my favorites, they have this extra feel that studio portraits don’t. Compared to studio portraits, they are much easier – you don’t need to learn all the lighting techniques. They are also much cheaper, you don’t need to buy any strobes, flashes, or light …

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