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Godzilla playing a Jackson flying V, Strumzilla


Strumzilla.com is blog site authored by  multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Darren Hightower.  The original request was for a website banner depicting "Godzilla playing an awesome solo."  Needless to say this project was a total blast to complete.



A local Chef wanted to get his best cooks something really nice for Christmas so he commissioned me for three Watercolor portraits of the vegetables in a mirepoix with the personalities of his cooks.  Which included a Hip-Hop Celery Stalk, An insta-model Carrot, and a crazy horror Onion.  The results were better than I could have expected, and another super fun project.



A fellow performer in Chicago needed designs for three shirts, so we got some coffee and laughed for an hour while coming up with designs.  This was such a funny project and really cool to see how it came out.


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